Hiding Zeros

Worksheets are often cluttered with zeros as a result of calculations or information that hasn't been entered. Formulas frequently display a zero when referenced cells are blank. These zeros can make a worksheet look confusing.

The Summary sheet in the My Budget workbook provides a good example of formulas that produce unwanted values of zero. This worksheet shows several columns where data has not been entered. Therefore, the cells with the formulas that total the empty columns produce zeros. In this case, you might want to suppress the zeros.

There are a couple of ways to hide zeros in a worksheet:

  • Use the Tools, Options command to hide all values of zero in the worksheet. In the Options dialog box, click the View tab. In the Window Options section, click the Zero Values check box to remove the checkmark, which hides all zeros on the worksheet.

  • Create a custom number format in the Format Cells dialog box to hide zeros in a range of cells.

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