Chapter 34. Applying Themes and Wizards

There was a time when the World Wide Web was almost entirely text. The information contained on a Web was more important than the different ways that browsers displayed it. That time ended a few minutes after a new Web page element was introduced ”the image file. Images such as GIF and JPG files could be displayed on the Web as part of pages, creating a new expectation for what sites should look like.

Most Web users expect sites to be easy to use and visually interesting. FrontPage makes this part of Web design easier through the use of themes, packages of coordinated graphics that can be applied to your Webs.

FrontPage automates even more complex tasks through the use of wizards. Wizards, as you encountered in earlier chapters using other Office programs, are programs that ask a series of questions about a project you're trying to complete. Your answers control how the program does its work. Wizards in Microsoft FrontPage can be thought of as templates with brains . They are used to create Webs and Web pages that are too variable to be handled with a template.

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