Discover FrontPage s Features

Discover FrontPage's Features

Like most Microsoft software titles, FrontPage sports dozens of features. Here is a sampling of what you get:

  • Custom themes ” Select one of the 60 existing themes and personalize it by selecting new colors, logos, images, and other page elements.

  • Color tools ” Color selection is enabled throughout the software with a color picker, color wheel, and a dropper that can grab a color from a graphic.

  • Roundtrip HTML ” For the first time, FrontPage can read in an existing Web page and save it without changing any of the existing HTML code or its formatting.

  • Visible HTML tags ” While still viewing a page normally in the editing window, you can make the HTML tags that comprise the page visible.

  • Easy access to Microsoft Access ” Incorporate Access database files into Web pages for viewing and editing. Users can even create Access databases from within a Web page.

  • Web components ” Add sophisticated interactive features to a Web page with FrontPage and Office components such as an Excel Spreadsheet component and a Search component.

  • Automatic page linking ” By using the new AutoLink component, adding a new page to a Web can automatically cause related hyperlinks to appear on other pages.

  • Browser targeting ” If you decide which browsers and features you're creating a Web for, FrontPage will restrict its features to those supported by that target audience.

This list represents only a sample of FrontPage features. Of course, FrontPage shares common user interface elements such as toolbars , shortcuts, and menus with other Office applications.

FrontPage also shares a common file format with the other applications such as Excel and Word: HTML. Each Office program can save its documents as Web pages. These pages can be loaded by FrontPage for editing without losing any of their information. A Word document can go from Word to FrontPage and back to Word, never losing its font selections or paragraph formatting.

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