Outlook and Excel

Excel's worksheet files can be used in much the same way as Access data files. Choose File, Send To from Excel's menu and use the new Office Envelope feature to email a spreadsheet to someone. In addition, you can use Excel and Outlook together to create workbook- related tasks and to share data. The following steps show you how to create an Outlook task in Excel:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.

  2. Right-click any toolbar.

  3. Select the Reviewing toolbar from the menu.

  4. On the Reviewing toolbar, click the Create Microsoft Outlook Task button.

  5. As with Word, a Task tool appears, and you can fill in the necessary information. Click Save and Close to complete the task.

If you anticipate creating a lot of workbook-related tasks, use the tip suggested in the previous section, and move the Task button to Excel's Standard or Formatting toolbar.

You can also use Office's new Envelope feature to email an Excel spreadsheet in HTML format, as the following steps show.

  1. In Excel, open the worksheet you want to send and click the E-mail button on the Standard toolbar. This adds normal email headers to the top of the Excel window.

  2. Use the To:, Cc:, and other header fields as you would for email sent using other techniques.

  3. Click Send this Sheet. This sends the current worksheet in HTML format.


When you send a complex HTML document that contains graphics such as charts , you should preview what you're sending to make sure it will appear as you want. Before you send it to somebody else, send it to yourself first. After verifying that it looks correct, repeat the procedure to send the file.

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