Outlook Today

The Outlook Today page provides a preview of the current day (as well as several days in the future). You can see a summary of your appointments for the day, a list of scheduled tasks , and even a listing of your new mail messages (email, fax, and other kinds of computer-controlled messages). Outlook Today serves as an electronic briefing room where you can see the big picture and decide how to organize your day. The Outlook Today page can be set as the first folder to open when you start Outlook. Many users find this more helpful than having the Inbox open first.

To change the default opening page to Outlook Today, click the Customize Outlook Today button. By default, it's in the upper-right corner of the Outlook Today window. However, it can change locations, depending on options you choose, so you might need to hunt for it later. The Customize Outlook Today page, shown in Figure 14.6, is displayed. Check the When Starting, Go Directly to Outlook Today box. Then click Save Changes to return to Outlook Today. From now on, Outlook Today will be the opening page when you open Outlook.

Figure 14.6. The Outlook Today Options box allows you to set Outlook Today as your beginning screen in Outlook.


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