Part3.Execute Your Search Marketing Program

Search marketing is at the convergence of business and technology. To successfully execute a search marketing program, you need to tame the technology while sticking with sound business procedures across your team. That is what Part 3 is all about.

We begin in Chapter 10, "Get Your Site Indexed," by getting your Web site indexed for organic search. Your technologists must ensure your site is designed to be indexed; otherwise, the search engines will not find you.

Chapter 11, "Choose Your Target Keywords," focuses on your target market: searchers. What words are they using to find what they want? Which ones should you be targeting in your search marketing campaigns? Your marketers must understand how to identify what searchers are looking for.

After you know your target keywords, it is time to optimize your content in Chapter 12, "Optimize Your Content." Your writers and your technology team must work together so that each page is designed and written to please a searcher. That way, your pages will rank highly in organic search and drive Web conversions for both organic and paid search.

Chapter 13, "Attract Links to Your Site," addresses the challenge of drawing links to your site. Learn why links are important to organic search engines and what you can do to build your site's link popularity.

Paid search takes center stage in Chapter 14, "Optimize Your Paid Search Program." Although many search marketing techniques apply equally to organic and paid search, many tasks are specific to paid placement. Find out how to set your budget, manage your campaigns, and make adjustments along the way.

Chapter 15, "Make Search Marketing Operational," helps you design your operating procedures to manage your search marketing performance each day. We explain the best practices for developing your central search team, measuring your success, and diagnosing the inevitable problems that pop up.

We wind up with Chapter 16, "What's Next?" in which we explore exciting new developments in search marketing and show you how to further your education as a search marketer.

By the end of Part 3, you will know how to turn your search marketing program into a well-oiled marketing machinea successful mix of business and technology. Your program will not always work flawlessly, but you will be able to identify your challenges and take action to correct each one. Day by day, you will make the right decisions to improve your search marketing effectiveness.

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