Chapter 3. Adding or Changing Information After the Interview Is Completed

What You'll Do

Set General Preferences

Set Desktop View Preferences

Sort a List

Display Lists on Forms

Add an Account

Use Account Numbers

Add Customers

Display Detailed Customer Information

Add Vendors

Add Items in the List Window

Add Information "On-the-Fly"

Move Items on a List

Create a Subitem

Edit Information on a List

Hide Entries on Lists

Delete Entries on a List

Merge Entries on a List

Print a List

Search for a Transaction

Generate a QuickReport

Set Accounting Preferences

In the first chapter, you learned how to set up your company using the EasyStep Interview. Because the interview gathers the basic start-up information necessary to use your QuickBooks program, you can now use QuickBooks on a daily basis in a style that fits your business needs, without having to continually re-enter those pieces of information.

That said, you might find that you need to enter more information into your QuickBooks company file after the interview is completed. Using the information presented in this chapter, you'll be able to customize your QuickBooks experience so that the program produces exactly the results your company requires as well as being able to add additional information that you might have skipped over or not thought of during the interview process.

QuickBooks uses lists to keep track of everything, including your chart of accounts, your company's vendors and customers, employees, jobs on which you're working, different options for terms of payment, payroll items that are used for paychecks, and more. Anything that's entered on a QuickBooks form is stored in a list. In this chapter, you'll learn how to add to lists, change information already existing on lists, change the placement of list entries, sort lists, remove entries from lists, and combine list entries. When you change an item on a list, those changes carry through to the forms you use in QuickBooks and the reports you create.

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