Preparing W-2 Forms

Each January, all employers are required to provide employees with a Form W-2, Wage & Tax Report, summarizing the prior year's wages and withholding. You can prepare the W-2 Form in QuickBooks and print from QuickBooks directly onto government-supplied W-2 forms, or you can choose to print on plain paper.

Select Process Payroll Forms on the Employees menu.

Click Federal form.

Click OK.

Click Annual Form W-2.

Indicate the year for which you are preparing W-2 forms.

Click OK.

Click a check mark to the left of each employee who is to receive a W-2 form, or click the Mark All button to check everyone's name.

Click the Review/Edit button.

Review each W-2 form.

Double-click any amount that needs to be adjusted, making the appropriate adjustment in the dialog box that appears.

Click Next to proceed to the next W-2 form for review.

Click Save & Close when all forms have been reviewed.

Click Print Forms when all W-2 forms have been reviewed.

Indicate if you want to print the forms on blank pages or on pre-printed forms.

Choose which copies of the forms you intend to print at this time.

Click Print.

Did You Know?

You can order blank W-2 forms. Intuit carries a complete line of paper forms, including W-2 forms, to use with your QuickBooks program. Other suppliers can help you with standard forms as well. If you want to explore the Intuit forms catalog, go to

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