Issuing W-3 Forms

The W-3 form is a summary page that shows the totals of salaries and withholdings from all your W-2 forms. You can produce this form in QuickBooks only after you've completed your company's W-2 forms. When you submit your W-2 forms to the federal government by mail, you need to include a W-3 form as a cover sheet.

Select Process Payroll Forms on the Employees menu.

Click Federal form.

Click OK.

Select Annual Form W-2.

Indicate the year for which you are preparing this form.

Click OK.

Click a check mark to the left of each employee who is to receive a W-2 form.


Use the Mark All button to check everyone's name at once.


Remember, you need to have already prepared your W-2 forms to prepare an accurate W-3 form.

Click Print Forms.

Choose W-3, 1 per page.

Click Print.

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