Preparing a Sales Tax Liability Report

For companies that pay sales tax, the sales tax liability report is a quick source for all the information you need to enter on your monthly or quarterly sales tax forms. Set the date range for the sales tax you are about to pay, and presto! You can fill out your sales tax form instantly.

Select Vendors & Payables from the Reports menu.

Select Sales Tax Liability from the side menu.

Did You Know?

The Sales Tax Liability report appears only if you have indicated that your company collects sales tax. Select Edit, Preferences; click the Sales Tax icon; and then click the Company Preferences tab to see whether you have activated the sales tax feature for your company.

Select the time period that matches the time period for the sales tax form you have to fill out.

Enter information from this report onto your state or local government sales tax form.

See Also

See Chapter 6, "Collecting and Paying Sales Tax," for information on how to record all types of sales tax transactions.

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