Displaying a Class List

If you click the Lists menu and the Class List does not appear, you haven't turned on the classes feature in QuickBooks. Follow the instructions in the "Setting Up Classes" task that preceded this one to turn on the classes feature. After classes are activated, you can display your class list window at any time.

Select Class List from the Lists menu.

Examine the classes that appear on your list. If you haven't yet started using classes, this list might be blank.

Use the Class menu to perform these tasks:

  • Create a new class (Ctrl+N)

  • Edit a class (Ctrl+E)

  • Delete a class (Ctrl+D)

  • Change the view of classes on the list

  • Search in transactions

  • Print (Ctrl+P) and sort the class list

Show Me. QuickBooks 2006
Show Me QuickBooks 2006
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