Sending Timer Data to QuickBooks

After recording information in the timer, you need to send the data back to be incorporated into your company's QuickBooks file. This is a reverse of the export/import process you used when you sent employee and job data to the timer from QuickBooks. When time data has been returned to QuickBooks, you can bill the time to clients and link it to the payroll program.

In the Timer Program, select File, Export Time Activities from the menu.

Click Continue.

Enter the date through which timer activities should be exported to QuickBooks.

Click OK.

Enter a filename for your export file. The user's initials and date of the export have been used as the filename in this example.

Click Save.

Click OK.

You can now close the timer program.

Did You Know?

Exported time stays in the timer. When you export time data to QuickBooks, the data is not removed from the timer. At some future date, if you need to refer to the time you entered in the timer, you can do so.

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