Paying Sales Tax

When it's time for you to pay your sales tax, open the Pay Sales Tax window. From there, you can issue checks for sales tax payments and relieve your sales tax liability at the same time. By using the QuickBooks sales tax payment process, all accounts are charged properly. At any time you can examine the information in this window if you want to know the status of your sales tax payable.

Open the Vendors menu and select Sales Tax.

Select Pay Sales Tax from the side menu.

Verify that the bank account is correct.

Verify the date that will appear on the check.

Verify the date through which sales tax is due.

Click to check each sales tax item you want to pay.

Check the To Be Printed box if you plan to use QuickBooks to print this check.

Click OK to execute the payment.

Did You Know?

Tax amounts are cleared from the Pay Sales Tax list. When you click OK to pay these amounts, the amounts are removed from the list. The next time you open this list, any amounts you paid no longer appear there.

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