Producing Monthly Sales Tax Reports

Every state has a different form that accompanies sales tax payments. Although QuickBooks does not prepare the sales tax form for each state, the program does provide a sales tax report. This report helps you fill out the sales tax form for the state or states to which you must make payments.

Open the Vendors menu and select Sales Tax.

Select Sales Tax Liability from the side menu.

Change the dates to reflect the time period that is covered by your current sales tax bill.

Click the Print button if you need to print the report.

Close the report.

Did You Know?

The sales tax report is comprehensive. The report contains the total sales for the time period, the amount of taxable sales, the amount of non-taxable sales, the tax rate for each type of sales tax you pay, and the amount of tax currently owed to each jurisdiction to whom you pay tax. You can use this information to fill out the necessary tax form(s).

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