Creating Purchase Reports

QuickBooks provides a variety of reports that enable you to see how much you've spent, what you've spent your money on, and which items are on order from which vendors. You can request reports grouped by vendors, items, or jobs. You can also view summary reports that provide total amounts, or you can request detailed reports that show every item and every transaction. You can view the reports on-screen, or choose to print paper copies of the reports.

Select Purchases from the Reports menu.

Choose from a variety of report types.

  • Purchases by Vendor Summary shows your company's total purchases from each vendor.

  • Purchases by Vendor Detail shows each purchase made, grouped by vendor.

  • Purchases by Item Summary shows how many of each item your company has purchased and how much has been spent on those items.

  • Purchases by Item Detail shows the separate purchases of each item, including how many pieces were purchased in each transaction and what those pieces cost.

  • Open Purchase Orders shows all of your company's purchase orders that have yet to be filled, including the name of the vendor, the date of the purchase order, the amount of the order, and the expected delivery date.

  • Open Purchase Orders by Job shows all of your company's outstanding purchase orders, grouped by job.

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