Making Bank Deposits

In the Sales & Customers preferences, you have the option of choosing whether you want payments to be routed to an Undeposited Funds account for future depositing instead of being recorded immediately as deposits. If you've chosen to deposit the funds later, you need to follow these steps to record the actual deposit.

Select Make Deposits from the Banking menu, or click the Record Deposits icon on the Home page.

Change the payment type if you want to view a particular type of payment (such as only cash or only MasterCard and Visa).

Check off each of the deposits you want to make at this time. You can use the Select All button to check off the entire list at once.

Click OK.

Verify the account to which the money will be deposited.

Verify the date of the deposit.

Verify all deposit information.

If you intend to take cash back from the deposit, enter the account that the money should be assigned to.

Enter an optional memo regarding the cash back.

Enter the amount of the cash back.

Click the Print button if you want to print a deposit slip or a summary of the deposit.

Choose which documents you want to print.

Click the OK button.

Save the deposit.

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