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You can select and change several advanced narration options. The default values often suffice for most narration needs, but the advanced options are there when you need to adjust them.

If you have multiple input devices that you record from (such as a tape player plugged into your sound card's line-in jack and a microphone), you can select the one you want to use for a specific narration session. In addition, you can limit the amount of timeline space used during a narration recording session to ensure that you don't run over another recording later on the Audio/Music track.



As you record narration, the Narrate Timeline dialog box displays the total amount of narration time you've recorded.

  1. Click Show More Options

    Movie Maker normally does not show the advanced narration options, but you can show them by clicking the option labeled Show More Options .

  2. Select Audio Device

    If you have multiple audio devices, select the device you want to use for the narration from the Audio Device list.

  3. Select Audio Input Source

    Select the source you want to use, such as microphone or line-in jack on your audio card, from the Audio Input Source list.

  4. Click to Limit Recording Space

    If your Audio/Music track already has content on it, you might not want your narration to overwrite this content. For example, perhaps you've added music to the beginning and end of your video. You can ensure that Movie Maker stops recording narration if it runs into another audio clip on the Audio/Music track by clicking the option labeled Limit Narration to Available Free Space on Audio/Music Track .



    Did you know you can add music to your video even if you've already added narration? Just drag the imported music clip to the end of the Audio/Music track (following your narration). Then just drag the music clip to the left over your narration, and the music will play as your narration speaks!

  5. Click to Mute Speakers

    Your computer might be playing back audio from an online radio station, or perhaps you are playing a music CD in the background while you work. If you click the Mute Speakers option, Movie Maker mutes your computer's speakers until you uncheck this option, so the audio does not interfere with the narration that you are recording.

  6. Click to Reduce Options

    If you have no need for the advanced options, you can hide them by clicking the option labeled Show Fewer Options .

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