Chapter 7. Working with Sound and Music

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46 About Movie Maker Audio

47 About Importing Existing Digital Files

48 Add a Soundtrack to Your Video

49 About Improving Your Soundtrack's Quality

50 About Movie Narration

51 Create Narration Outside Movie Maker

52 Add Narration to Your Movie

53 Adjust Advanced Narration Options

54 Adjust Audio Levels

55 Add Sound Effects to Your Movie

56 Change the Movie's Volume

57 Fade In and Fade Out Your Soundtrack

58 About Finding Audio Content on the Web

Hollywood understands the need for an effective soundtrack and so should you. A good soundtrack often goes unnoticed throughout a movie. The soundtrack helps accentuate the action or prepare the audience for a slower scene. The soundtrack can bring the audience into a chase, or take them away from conflict as the camera follows suit.



Keep in mind that the Audio track includes the audio that's imported along with your video. The Audio/Music track includes additional audio clips you add to your project.

A soundtrack comprises sounds, music, voice, and narration. As a Movie Maker producer, you can add a soundtrack with any and all of these elements to your own movies. The timeline's Audio and Audio/Music tracks will be your focus as you work with your movie's sound.

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