34 Display a Clip s Properties

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34 Display a Clip's Properties

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As you produce more advanced videos using Movie Maker, you will begin to pay more attention to the details of your clips. Perhaps you need to trim a few seconds from one or more clips to fit your project's length into a preset time limit.

A clip's properties describe the clip in detail. The properties include such items as the type of clip, the clip's filename and location on the disk, the file size , the bit rate , and details about the audio, such as the number of channels . By viewing these details, you will better understand how that clip affects your video's overall length and quality.



Bit rate ” The number of data bits, or signals, used in one second of video.

Channels ” The number of separate audio soundtracks , such as two for stereo. Movie Maker supports one or two channels.

  1. Right-Click a Clip

    Right-click the clip for which you want to view property information. A menu appears from which you can choose options that relate to this specific clip.

  2. Select Properties

    From the context menu, select Properties . The Properties dialog box opens to display the clip's details.



    Feel free to change the name of the clip from within the Properties dialog box.

  3. Scroll Through Properties

    Depending on your screen resolution, you might have to click the scrollbar to scroll the information in the dialog box so that you can view all the clip's properties.

  4. Click OK to Close

    When you're done viewing the clip's properties, click OK or Cancel . The Properties dialog box closes , and you're returned to the clip in the Contents pane. The clip whose properties you just viewed is still selected.



    You can close windows such as the Properties dialog box by pressing the Esc key or by clicking OK .

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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