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Often you'll watch individual video clips to see where they start and stop. Watch the clip in the Monitor window and use the Play, Stop , and other buttons to control the clip's playback.

Reviewing a clip is one of the simplest and most common tasks you'll do with Movie Maker. For example, you might want to watch a clip to see whether it's too long and needs trimming to a shorter length. You play back the individual clips from the Contents pane, but you can only play back one selected clip at a time.

  1. Click a Clip



    If you select a clip from the storyboard/timeline to watch, Movie Maker plays the entire video from the clip to the movie's conclusion and not just the selected clip only. Click the monitor's Stop button to keep the storyboard/timeline playback from continuing after you've seen what you want to see.

    Click a clip in the Contents pane. The first frame appears in the monitor.

  2. Click Play

    Click the monitor's Play button. Watch the clip in the Monitor window.

  3. Right-Click a Clip

    You can also watch a clip by right-clicking it to display a context menu with a Play Clip option.



    If you click to select a picture clip in the Contents pane, the still picture appears in the monitor.

  4. Select Play Clip

    When you select Play Clip , the clip begins playing in the Monitor window.



    The Spacebar is the shortcut key for the Play Clip command.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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