105 Create Labels for Your CDs and DVDs with DME

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Before You Begin

100 Install Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition (DME)

When you produce movies and save them on CDs and DVDs, you can write the title on each CD or DVD with a felt-tipped marker, but that looks cheap. Instead, use the Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition to create labels for your CDs and DVDs that contain the movie title, your name as producer, and eye-catching graphics.



You need to purchase specialized adhesive paper for your labels. The Plus! CD Label Maker creates inserts for CD and DVD cases and prints lists such as the album's contents on those inserts. You can use plain paper for the inserts , but you need CD and DVD-ready adhesive labels for the CD and DVD labels you create. Record your CD or DVD before attaching the label, because many burners won't correctly write to a disc with a label.

The Plus! CD Label Maker is a program that comes with the DME enabling you to design and print labels. The CDs or DVDs will play perfectly with these labels, and you can easily print the labels on your printer. This task demonstrates an overview of what you will do to create customized labels for your CDs and DVDs. You can create extremely fancy labels if you dive into all the program's features.

The movies you create have pizzazz, so why shouldn't the labels on your CDs and DVDs?

  1. Start Plus! CD Label Maker

    Start Plus! CD Label Maker by opening its program on your Windows Start menu's Programs, Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition option.

  2. Click Next to Continue

    Click the Next button to begin creating your labels.

  3. Insert CD or Choose Playlist

    Insert an audio CD, and Plus! CD Label Maker will load the tracks from the CD that you can select. Alternatively, you can locate a Windows Media Player playlist residing on your computer and use that as the basis for your label.



    Playlist ” A list of tracks used by Windows Media Player and other programs to keep track of the album name, artist, and track information for recordings on your computer.

  4. Click Next to Continue

    Click the Next button after you select a CD or playlist to move to the label selection dialog box.

  5. Select a Template

    Click a template that matches the item you want to print. For example, if you're printing labels that you would apply directly to a CD or DVD, choose a template such as A-One CD/DVD Label . If you want to print an insert for the CD's case, select a template such as A-One CD/DVD Index Card .

  6. Click Next to Continue

    After you select a template, click the Next button to see a preview of your selection.

  7. Enter Identifying Information

    If Plus! CD Label Maker has not already filled in the fields for you, type the Title and Footer field information. These names will appear on the CD or DVD to which you attach the label.

  8. Change Background Color

    Select a new background color.



    If you click the Image Settings button, a display box appears where you can adjust the graphics on your label or CD/DVD case insert.

  9. Click Next to Continue

    Click the Next button to print your label or insert.

  10. Click to Print

    Put your labels or paper in your printer and click the Print button to begin the printing. Once printed, if the label meets your satisfaction, apply the label to your CD or DVD. Now your movie really stands out from your other CDs and DVDs.

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