Chapter 14. Taking Digital Editing to the Next Step

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106 About Advanced Movie Production Software

107 Edit Movies with VideoWave

108 Produce DVDs with CD & DVD Creator

109 Capture, Edit, and Produce with Nero

110 About Editing Professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro

The early chapters of this book show you how to shoot quality videos using your digital (or analog) video camera. By mastering the tasks , you will shoot better video than the majority of all the camera owners in the world. Although this might sound like a far- fetched claim, keep in mind that today's advanced technology combined with low prices puts video cameras in the hands of hundreds of thousands of amateur digital photographers. It's wonderful that this technology is available to so many, but the advanced technology does not replace the need for fundamental camera techniques. Software such as Movie Maker enables videographers to compile and produce the movies they make. In spite of its price (free with Windows XP), Movie Maker provides the beginning filmmaker with enough tools to handle beginning and intermediate tasks.



Keep honing your video skills to build on what you have learned throughout these tasks. Lots of great video-editing sites contain forums in which videographers share tips and techniques, such as the Digital Video Editing site at .

The Web contains massive amounts of material you can use to hone your digital movie shooting and editing skills.


You can go further with your video productions than Movie Maker allows. To take your video-editing skills further, you'll have to get additional software.

The purpose of this chapter is to show you some of the software available to you if you want to step up your editing skills.

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