77 Add a Title After a Clip

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The location of your titles determines how you apply them and where they appear on the timeline. If you want to add a title after a clip, perhaps to review the current clip or to introduce the next scene, the title appears differently depending on whether you view the storyboard or timeline:

  • Storyboard ” A title after the selected clip appears after your selected clip

  • Timeline ” A title after the selected clip appears after your selected clip on the timeline's Video track

  1. Click to Show Storyboard



    Titles that follow clips are often easier to review on the storyboard than on the timeline.

    Click the Show Storyboard button to display the storyboard if the timeline currently appears.

  2. Click Clip

    Click to select the clip that your title will precede.

  3. Select Tools, Titles and Credits

    Start the title process by selecting Titles and Credits from the Tools menu.

  4. Click to Add Title Following the Clip

    Because you want to add the title to the end of the movie, click Add title after the selected clip on the storyboard . Movie Maker opens the Enter Text for Title dialog box.

  5. Type Primary Text

    Type the title's primary text that appears as a title above any subtitle text you enter.

  6. Type Secondary Text

    Type the title's secondary text that appears as a subtitle beneath the title.

  7. Click to Change Font

    Click the Change the text font and color option if you want to modify the text style or color ( see 73 Create Movie Titles ).

  8. Click to Add Title

    Place the title after the selected clip by clicking the option labeled Done, add title to movie .

  9. Review Title Clip

    The title appears in your storyboard following your selected clip. You can click to select the title clip and preview the title in the Monitor pane.



    Drag the line that divides the storyboard from the Contents pane toward the top of your screen to increase the size of the storyboard clips if you have difficulty reading all the text on the storyboard's first clip.

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