This command moves an object away from the direction that it is facing .

 object.MoveBack(distance, time, animation, animation speed) 



The distance object is to move


The number of seconds that the move will take (if omitted, the movement is immediate)


The animation name to play (only for 3D objects)

animation speed

The speed of the animation from 0 (slowest) to 100 ( fastest )


The object will move away from the direction it is facing. If you rotate the object, the direction of motion from the MoveBack command will change because the object faces a new direction.

Sample Code

 oworld = New World(); ocamera = New Camera(oworld); sphere = oworld.CreateSphere(50,50,50,25,25); ocamera.MoveBack(1200); //Move the sphere. sphere.MoveBack(200,5); //Loop While(TRUE); 

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