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As you can see from this chapter, the game module is a complex beast . My line counter says that the Game.cpp file itself contains three times as much code as any other file within the BetterMUD, which should give you some idea of how complex it is.

You saw that the game module manages a number of functions in the game, such as loading and saving databases, executing actions, keeping track of time, and executing commands. Overall, the game module supports features similar to those seen in the SimpleMUD's game handler, but this design is better because it doesn't actually directly interface with connections. You'll see how this is done in the next chapter, when I show you the design of the networking system.

I want you to keep thinking about better designs for entity transactions in the future, and realize that I made the simple design presented here to give more time to the flexible logic layer of the game. Believe me, in Chapter 18 you'll be impressed by learning how the game can be enhanced by using Python.

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MUD Game Programming
MUD Game Programming (Premier Press Game Development)
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