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Mac keyboard shortcuts
     for adding to Favorites in Bridge
     for assigning styles with (InDesign)
     for Bridge
     for Compact and Full modes
     for creating master pages in InDesign
     for Filter Gallery
     for loading selections based on layer transparency
     for opening linked objects in native applications
     for Outline Editor in GoLive
     for preserving character styles
     for rating files in Bridge
     for releasing pages from masters
     for removing overrides
     for Replace Elements by Its Content feature (GoLive)
     for selecting assets in package window
     for selecting Next Object commands in Illustrator
     for Slide Show view in Bridge
     for toggling between views in InDesign
     for viewing layer masks
Magic Wand tool
     for making clipping masks
     selecting objects with attributes with
     using with Photoshop
markup elements, applying CSS to (GoLive)
Markup Tree bar in GoLive, using
masking with alpha channels, relationship to weighted optimization
     creating clipping masks in Illustrator
     modifying compression on
master pages in InDesign
     auto page numbering in
     copying between documents
matting, correcting occurrence of
memory, allocating to Version Cue
menu commands, adding to actions
menu items, customizing
menu sets, using with Photoshop
menus, customizing in Photoshop
Merge Comments dialog in Acrobat, options in
mesh grids, using in Illustrator
metadata, viewing and editing in Bridge
Motion blur, removing with Smart Sharpen filter
movie clips, placing in InDesign documents
multipage PDF files
     placing in InDesign
     saving out from Illustrator
multiple layers, using in Photoshop
multiple styles, applying in InDesign
multiple windows, creating in Bridge

Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos(c) 100 Essential Techniques
Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques
ISBN: 0321356748
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 143

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