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The initial contact that enabled entry into Vicro Communications was David Smith (the name is changed to protect the respondent from reprisal). David is the national manufacturing systems project manager. One of the researchers had met David when he was taking a graduate class at Utah State University. The same researcher was teaching a class on reengineering principles. Many informal conversations ensued before and after class concerning the merits of reengineering. Overtime, a friendship was forged and David agreed to participate in a study of reengineering activities at Vicro Communications.

A phone interview with David was conducted on December 4, 2000, to garner preliminary information and discuss the merits of the research. Another phone interview was conducted on February 2, 2001, to discuss the fundamentals of BPR at Vicro and some of the major obstacles to success. The preliminary phone interviews were conducted to setup a time for a formal "sit-down" interview and acclimate the interviewee to the "essence" of the topics to be discussed. The first formal interview with David was conducted on April 16, 2001. At this interview session, all of the researchers were present.

The general theme of the formal interview was to obtain information about the use of break through technology in the BPR process. The interview began with general questions concerning the use of computers to manage processes. The interviewee was then encouraged to divulge his opinions and ideas related to process redesign and the use of HPT to facilitate or inhibit such initiatives. The interview was audio taped to maintain the integrity of the data and to allow proper analysis of the transcripts produced. The interview was framed within the context of technology usage and process improvement to provide an easily understandable context for the interviewee and guide the discussion.

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