Ja.NET and J-Integra

Ja.NET makes it possible to write clients for Enterprise JavaBeans in a .NET language targeting the .NET Framework. Using any language hosted by the Framework in conjunction with Ja.NET facilitates interoperability between Java objects or entity JavaBeans. Additional features permit reusing components written in Java within the .NET environment or vice versa. In essence, Ja.NET Java components act as though they are Microsoft .NET, and vice versa, because Ja.NET leverages .NET remoting.

Ja.NET provides a tool called GenJava to generate a Java proxy for .NET components. For example, access to an Internet Information Server (IIS) component from Java is easy. The Janetor tool configures the Ja.NET runtime. Then, Java clients can use the proxies to access a remote CLR component as though it were a local Java component. The tool can also generate a .NET component bearing proxies for Enterprise JavaBeans client-side classes. Then, Janetor generates a web application archive (WAR) file containing all web server–deployable files. Another beneficial feature permits the CLR client written in any language to access Enterprise JavaBeans as though they were local CLR components.

Intrinsyc Software has another interop tool called J-Integra. It is a COM-Java tool employed for accessing ActiveX components as though they are Java objects. Conversely, accessing Java objects as though they are Microsoft .NET components is allowed. J-Integra works seamlessly with any Java Virtual Machine on any platform and requires no native code. Additionally, J-Integra speaks native DCOM and is layered over Remote Procedure Calls. J-Integra requires no JVM or additional software installs on the COM platform.

Ja.Net and J-Integra technologies are worth pursuing. You can freely download these solutions. Because URLs change frequently, I recommend that you search for them through your favorite search engine. Although this chapter does not examine Intrinsyc Software’s solutions, this does not reflect on the quality of their products. Check them out. They offer an excellent alternative to JNBridgePro.

.NET & J2EE Interoperability
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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