Third-Party Services

Automated integration between enterprise and third-party applications and services introduces additional security challenges. How can the application framework ensure that a third-party content provider is who it claims to be?

The Entrust solution enables identification of enterprise application components through issuance of digital IDs and component entitlements managed with GetAccess. Entrust uses digital IDs, tamper-resistant logs, time stamping, and various toolkits to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

For example, suppose a portal wants to add a new service, such as a new adult entertainment product, provided by a third-party partner. The portal owner certifies the third party and provides a digital ID for the service. The service can then identify itself to the application framework, and become visible via the portal. As users begin to access the new product, the service can identify itself via its digital ID to the available business logic and legacy services, such as to request billing.

Maximum Wireless Security
Maximum Wireless Security
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