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LDR/STR (Load/Store) opcode  
lease period  
Liberty Crack Trojan  
library Trojan kits system library  
Light, Steve  
light-induced voltage alteration  
LIKE modifier command  
       debugging   [See gdb ptrace ]
       ELF   [See ELF]
       GNU development tools  
       hex dumps  
       iptables and ipchains  
       reverse code engineering  
               disassembly tools, writing  
               problem areas  
       runtime monitoring  
               lsof utility  
               ltrace utility  
Linux HOWTOs  
Litchfield, David  
little endian format  
LKM (Loadable Kernel Module)  
Load String system call  
Load/Store (LDR/STR) opcode  
local DoS resource attacks (Unix)  
log analysis  
       covert logging  
       global log aggregation  
       integration of Windows into Unix logging framework  
       kernel logging  
       log overflow  
       logfile types  
       loggable events  
       process accounting  
       SIM (Security Information Management) tools  
               remote logging  
       utilization of log data  
logfile monitors  
       post-cleanup file traces  
               application logs  
               editing tools  
               Unix binary logs  
               Unix shell history  
       remote logging  
Logical Shift Left LSL  
Logical Shift Right LSR  
login records  
logwatch   2nd  
low-energy charge induced voltage alteration  
lsof utility  
ltrace utility  

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Security Warrior
Security Warrior
ISBN: 0596005458
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Year: 2004
Pages: 211

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