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ICMP "telnet"covert channel  
ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)  
IDA Pro  
       disassembly options  
       processor-specific parameters  
Ident fingerprinting  
identd, security risks  
IDSs (intrusion detection systems)   2nd  
       attacks against  
               integrity checkers  
               protocol mutation  
       Bayesian analysis  
               balancing sensitivity and specificity  
                likelihood ratios  
               predictive value  
       deployment issues  
               top five mistakes  
       future development  
               embedded IDS  
               strict anomaly detection  
               visual display of dat  
       gateway IDS  
       host IDSs  
               CDROMs, usage in  
               integrity monitors  
               logfile monitors  
       IDS rule tuning  
       limitations and vulnerabilities  
       network IDSs (NIDSs)  
               anomaly detectors  
               signature matchers  
       Snort IDS case study  
       stateful vs. stateless  
IF-ELSE statements   2nd  
IMAP, security risks  
import tables  
In Control 5  
incident case  
incident report  
incident response  
        aggressive response  
       framework   [See incident response framework]
       importance of backups  
       incident identification  
        integrity-checking programs  
       large networks  
               cost effectiveness  
               diagnostic tools  
       medium- size networks  
               audit trail  
               logging tools  
       SANS six-step incident response methodology  
       small networks  
               best practices  
               Linux tools  
               Windows 95/98/Me diagnostics (WinTop)  
               Windows NT/2000/XP tools  
incident response framework  
inetd.conf   2nd   3rd   4th  
info command (gdb)  
info frame command (gdb)  
infor registers command (gdb)  
information detritus  
initialization vectors (IS)  
initialization vectors (IVs)  
       IV collision  
INSERT command  
install managers  
instruction sets  
integrity checking software  
       attacks against  
integrity monitors  
Intel processors, debug registers  
intermediate code  
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)  
Internet Protocol (IP)  
Internet protocols   [See TCP/IP]
intrusion detection systems   [See IDSs]
IP (instruction pointer)  
IP (Internet Protocol)  
       IPv4 packet format  
IP spoofing  
       header chaining  
IRC, security risks  

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