In this chapter, you saw some of the debugging tools that come with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. First under the microscope were Cordbg and Dbgclr , two debuggers that supplement the Visual Studio debugger and can replace it in certain situations. You also investigated Ildasm , the CIL disassembler that allows you to peek inside your code to see what's really happening. Then you saw how the Performance Monitor utility can help you to investigate the internal performance of your application. Finally, you explored ADepends and PermView , two utilities that show you assembly dependencies and assembly permission requests .

In the complex world of .NET, you should try to add these and other weapons to your debugging arsenal. Some of the new bugs can seem quite intractable in such a new and novel environment, so the more angles of attack you have, the quicker you're likely to resolve your application's problems.

Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging
Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging
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