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Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Appendix A.  Answers to Quiz Questions



Presented with the knowledge that you must build an e-commerce site, what generic database tables do you know will be required?


At a minimum, you'll typically need a user or customer table, one or more tables to hold products and their information, and a table to hold orders.


True or false: ASP.NET pages should be built before the other tiers.


Generally, this is false, but it depends on your personal preferences. From a design standpoint, building the ASP.NET pages after the database is set up will make development much easier.


What do the MAX and SUM SQL commands do?


MAX examines a set of database rows and returns the highest value in the field specified. SUM sums all the values in a set of data rows and returns the result.


What does the Format method do? What is the syntax?


It formats data in a specified format. The syntax is

 Format( {N[,M ][: formatString ]}, Data) 

What are three things needed to secure a database service using SOAP headers?


You need a class that inherits from the SoapHeader class, the <SoapHeader> attribute placed in the Web method declaration, and a custom authentication function. Additionally, you might need to check whether a SOAP header is supplied to the Web method, and whether your authentication method certifies valid credentials.


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