Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Day 13.  Reading and Writing Files on the Web Server



Does including files increase my file size?


The only increase in file size you will see (on the server) is due to any include commands you've used. For example, the following:

 <!--#include file="log.txt"--> 

will result in a few more bytes because you had to type in more characters. Because the file is not actually included until ASP.NET begins its processing, you will not notice any large file size increases.

However, when the page is requested by a client, all the includes are parsed into the calling page, and the file size is then increased. This might or might not affect the download times of the client, depending on the code you've included.


How do file permissions affect file I/O?


To access files from ASP.NET, you must first have the correct permissions for those files. For example, assuming that the computer you worked on today is your own and that you were accessing the files directly (for example, not over the Internet), you should have had the correct permissions because the files were your own.

If you access files on another server over the Internet, chances are that you would not have access to many files. I'll discuss this topic further when I talk about security in Week 3.


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