Prisoners of Our Thoughts--Viktor Frankl s Principles at Work

Alex Pattakos

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Prisoners of our thoughts : Viktor Frankl s principles at work / Alex Pattakos. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 1-57675-288-7

1. Frankl, Viktor Emil. 2. Conduct of life. 3. Logotherapy. 4. Psychotherapy. I. Title.

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This book is dedicated to

Viktor E. Frankl, MD, PhD (1905 “1997), whose life and legacy will forever bring light to darkness , and to my partner in the search for meaning, Elaine, whose love and support will forever bring warmth to the meaning of life.

About the Author

Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., is a principal of The Innovation Group (, and founder of the Center for Personal Meaning, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. He is well known for his high energy, inspiration, and dynamic approach to engaging participants and effecting change at all levels. As a speaker, author, facilitator, consultant, he brings his unique perspective and experience base to help clients re-energize and identify new approaches to planning their futures . As a personal counselor and coach, he works closely with executives, athletes , celebrities , workers from all sectors, and retirees to help them find meaning in their work and everyday lives.

Dr. Pattakos also has over twenty-five years experience with community building in a wide variety of settings ” business, government, and nonprofit . He has worked extensively with organizations at all levels to advance their capacities in innovative decision making, organizational learning, leadership development, and systems redesign. His corporate clients include those on the Fortune 500 across a wide variety of industries. He also serves as an adviser to governments at the federal, state/provincial, and local levels on public policy and management matters. In this regard, Dr. Pattakos was one of the initial faculty evaluators for the Innovations in American Government Awards Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

He is a pioneer in the innovative use of technology to enhance individual and group learning and is credited by the World Futures Society as the inventor of the Electronic Visiting Professor concept, an innovation in online distance learning when the Information Highway was still a dirt road. His work in this area has been shared internationally through the Voice of America and his perspective on creative learning can be found in his contributions to the book, Managing in Organizations that Learn. Dr. Pattakos believes that innovation must be viewed holistically, that it is a collaborative enterprise, and that everyone is innovative and can learn to be more innovative.

As a past president of Renaissance Business Associates (RBA), a nonprofit, international association of people committed to integrity in business and elevating the human spirit in the workplace, Dr. Pattakos worked to advance spiritual and ethical approaches to public policy development and corporate/business management. During his tenure, RBA was active in Australia, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, South Africa, and the USA.

Among his other publications, he is the co-editor/ co-author of the book, Intuition at Work: Pathways to Unlimited Possibilities, and a contributing author of the book, Rediscovering the Soul of Business: A Renaissance of Values. His work to enhance the creative spirit in organizations has been featured in Executive Excellence, Success, Personnel Journal, Training, and Investors Business Daily magazines, among others.

An avid martial artist and thespian, Dr. Pattakos seeks to integrate the philosophy and techniques from both experiences into his public speaking and other engagements.

For further information:

The Innovation Group 223 North Guadalupe Street, #243 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501-1850 USA Office: (505) 820-0254 e-mail: info

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