Recipe 5.19. Double-Spacing a String


You want to double-space a string comprised of multiple lines of text separated by newlines.


Use the String object's Replace() method to replace all vbNewLines with two vbNewLines.


The Replace() method provides an easy solution to this problem. Simply replace each occurrence of a vbNewLine separating the lines of text with a double vbNewLine:

 content = content.Replace(vbNewLine, vbNewLine & vbNewLine) 

Figures 5-20 and 5-21 show a multiline example string before and after this replacement.

Figure 5-20. A string comprised of five lines of single-spaced text

Figure 5-21. The same string, double spaced

See Also

Recipe 5.16 shows how to replace specific substrings within a larger string.

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