Chapter 3. Application Organization


    Recipe 3.1.  Creating a Code Module

    Recipe 3.2.  Creating a Class

    Recipe 3.3.  Creating a Structure

    Recipe 3.4.  Creating Other Item Types

    Recipe 3.5.  Creating Object Instances

    Recipe 3.6.  Initializing a Class Instance with Data

    Recipe 3.7.  Releasing an Instance's Resources

    Recipe 3.8.  Using Namespaces

    Recipe 3.9.  Splitting a Class Across Multiple Files

    Recipe 3.10.  Creating a Form Based on Another Form

    Recipe 3.11.  Passing and Returning Structures and Other Objects

    Recipe 3.12.  Creating and Using an Enumeration

    Recipe 3.13.  Converting Between Numeric and String Enumeration Values

    Recipe 3.14.  Creating a Method That Accepts Different Sets of Arguments

    Recipe 3.15.  Using Standard Operators for Nonstandard Purposes

    Recipe 3.16.  Enforcing Strong Data Typing in an Otherwise Weakly Typed Collection

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