Chapter 6. Numbers and Math


    Recipe 6.1.  Using Compact Operator Notation

    Recipe 6.2.  Choosing Integers of the Right Size and Type for the Job

    Recipe 6.3.  Using Unsigned Integers

    Recipe 6.4.  Swapping Two Integers Without Using a Third

    Recipe 6.5.  Using Single- and Double-Precision Variables

    Recipe 6.6.  Using Decimal Variables for Maximum Precision

    Recipe 6.7.  Converting Between Number Types

    Recipe 6.8.  Rounding Numbers Accurately

    Recipe 6.9.  Declaring Loop Counters Within Loops

    Recipe 6.10.  Converting Between Radians and Degrees

    Recipe 6.11.  Limiting Angles to a Range

    Recipe 6.12.  Creating Double-Precision Point Variables

    Recipe 6.13.  Converting Between Rectangular and Polar Coordinates

    Recipe 6.14.  Creating Three-Dimensional Variables

    Recipe 6.15.  Converting Between Rectangular, Spherical, and Cylindrical Coordinates

    Recipe 6.16.  Working with Complex Numbers

    Recipe 6.17.  Solving Right Triangles

    Recipe 6.18.  Solving Any Triangle

    Recipe 6.19.  Determining if a String Contains a Valid Number

    Recipe 6.20.  Converting Numbers to Integers

    Recipe 6.21.  Calculating π to Thousands of Digits

    Recipe 6.22.  Getting a Number's Prime Factors

    Recipe 6.23.  Using Recursion to Calculate Factorials

    Recipe 6.24.  Manipulating Bits with Bitwise Operators

    Recipe 6.25.  Storing and Retrieving Bits in a BitArray

    Recipe 6.26.  Enhancing the Random Number Generator

    Recipe 6.27.  Generating Random Integers in a Range

    Recipe 6.28.  Generating Random Real Numbers in a Range

    Recipe 6.29.  Generating Normal-Distribution Random Numbers

    Recipe 6.30.  Generating Exponential-Distribution Random Numbers

    Recipe 6.31.  Creating a Matrix

    Recipe 6.32.  Inverting a Matrix

    Recipe 6.33.  Calculating the Determinant of a Matrix

    Recipe 6.34.  Solving Simultaneous Equations

    Recipe 6.35.  Listing of the MatrixHelper Class

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