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security+ study guide (exam syo-101)
Security+ Study Guide (Exam SYO-101)
by Michael Pastore ISBN:078214098X
Sybex 2003 (555 pages)

This guide provides all you need to prepare for CompTIA's Security+ Exam (SYO-101), including coverage of general security concepts, basics of cryptography, and more.

Table of Contents
Security+ Study Guide
Chapter 1 - General Security Concepts
Chapter 2 - Know Your Enemy
Chapter 3 - Infrastructure and Connectivity
Chapter 4 - Monitoring Communications Activity
Chapter 5 - Implementing and Maintaining a Secure Network
Chapter 6 - Working with a Secure Network
Chapter 7 - Cryptography Basics and Methods
Chapter 8 - Cryptography Standards
Chapter 9 - Security Policies and Procedures
Chapter 10 - Security Management
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Security+ Study Guide
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