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microsoft sql server 2005 new features
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features
byMichael Otey
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2005 (288 pages)

Get full details on all the innovative features and benefits available in the release of SQL Server 2005. This authoritative guide explains new and improved enterprise data management capabilities, developer functions, and business intelligence tools.

Table of Contents
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features
Part I - Database Administration Features
Chapter 1 - Database Architecture and Storage Engine Features
Chapter 2 - Database Administration and Development Tools
Chapter 3 - Availability and Recovery Features
Part II - Database Development Features
Chapter 4 - Programmability Features
Chapter 5 - Notification Services
Chapter 6 - SQL Server Service Broker
Chapter 7 - XML Integration
Part III - Business Intelligence Features
Chapter 8 - Reporting Services
Chapter 9 - Integration Services
Chapter 10 - Analysis Services
Part IV - Appendixes
Appendix A - Installation and Upgrading
Appendix B - Quick Facts
List of Figures
List of Tables

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features
ISBN: 0072227761
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 80
Authors: Michael Otey
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