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Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
By Michael  Ninness
Publisher : New Riders Publishing
Pub Date : January 17, 2003
ISBN : 0-7357-1331-6
Pages : 224

Photoshop's complexity grows with its popularity: Knowing and using keyboard and quick-click shortcuts can make a huge difference in your productivity. This book documents all of the shortcuts officially included (but not found in one spot) in the Photoshop documentation and organizes them so they're easy to find. The book shows how each shortcut works in the current AND previous versions of Photoshop, invaluable info for upgraders. Most significantly, the book contains dozens of shortcuts and workarounds undocumented anywhere else. A book like this belongs in every serious Photoshop user 's work environment

Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
ISBN: 0735713316
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Year: 2003
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