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Can we really run organizations without leaders ? Yes, says organizational consultant Jeffrey Nielsen in this provocative book. According to Nielsen, it s time to stop structuring businesses as rank-based organizations run by a privileged elite who are so isolated from the front lines that they are downright counterproductive.

Debunking the leadership myth, Nielsen calls for an end to leader-based corporate hierarchies, which foster secrecy , encourage miscommunication , and steal the joy and dignity from work. His new paradigm is the peer-based organization.

No matter how you feel about Nielsen s theory of leaderless organizations, you are sure to find this book thought provoking. It will challenge your assumptions about the role of leadership in modern organizations.

About the Author

Jeffrey S. Nielsen is an internationally recognized consultant who specializes in strategy, organization development, and training. His firm, Intellectual Capital Development, focuses on helping individuals think strategically and act like business owners . Nielsen began his consulting and training career with the Franklin Covey Company, traveling extensively to consult with Fortune 100 companies and agencies of the U.S. government. He has also worked with Right Management Consultants, Inc., an international outplacement and organizational consulting firm. A former Teaching Fellow at Boston College, Nielsen is currently a visiting lecturer at Brigham Young University.

The Myth of Leadership. Creating Leaderless Organizations
The Myth of Leadership: Creating Leaderless Organizations
ISBN: 0891061991
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 98

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