What Is This Book About?

This book does not promote a radically new development methodology that guarantees to slash your development timeframes. Nor is it about rapidity at any cost. It is certainly not about rapidity at the expense of quality. Instead, this book defines a series of solid software engineering practices that target improving both productivity and quality on J2EE projects.

Many of the techniques covered fall just outside of the mainstream. As such, this book offers a fresh perspective on the problems of rapidity for enterprise solutions. Moreover, not all of the techniques will be applicable for every given scenario. Instead, the emphasis is on arming the software engineer with an arsenal of new ideas and practical techniques relevant to the day-today process of building cost-effective, quality solutions.

    Rapid J2EE Development. An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications
    Rapid J2EEв„ў Development: An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications
    ISBN: 0131472208
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 159
    Authors: Alan Monnox

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