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Prioritizing Web Usability
By Jakob Nielsen, Hoa Loranger
Publisher: New Riders
Pub Date: April 20, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-35031-6
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-35031-2
Pages: 432

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       About the Authors
        Chapter 1.  Introduction: Nothing to Hide
      Where We Got Our Data
      Tell Me Again: Why Do I Need to Do User Testing?
        Chapter 2.  The Web User Experience
      How Well Do People Use the Web?
      User Satisfaction with Web Sites
      How People Use Sites
      Search Dominance
      Complying with Design Conventions and Usability Guidelines
      Information Foraging
        Chapter 3.  Revisiting Early Web Usability Findings
      Eight Problems That Haven't Changed
      Technological Change: Its Impact on Usability
      Adaptation: How Users Have Influenced Usability
      Restraint: How Designers Have Alleviated Usability Problems
      Assessing the Fate of the Early Findings
        Chapter 4.  Prioritizing Your Usability Problems
      What Makes Problems Severe
      The Scale of Misery
      Why Users Fail
      Is It Enough to Focus on the Worst Problems?
        Chapter 5.  Search
      The State of Search
      How Search Should Work
      Search Interface
      Search Engine Results Pages
      Search Engine Optimization
        Chapter 6.  Navigation and Information Architecture
      Am I There Yet?
      Match the Site Structure to User Expectations
      Navigation: Be Consistent
      Navigation: Beware the Coolness Factor
      Reduce Clutter and Avoid Redundancy
      Links and Label Names: Be Specific
      Vertical Dropdown Menus: Short Is Sweet
      Multilevel Menus: Less Is More
      Can I Click on It?
      Direct Access from the Homepage
        Chapter 7.  Typography: Readability & Legibility
      Body Text: The Ten-Point Rule
      Relative Specifications
      Choosing Fonts
      Mixing Fonts and Colors
      Text Images
      Moving Text
        Chapter 8.  Writing for the Web
      How Poor Writing Makes Web Sites Fail
      Understanding How Web Users Read
      Writing for Your Reader
      Formatting Text for Readability
        Chapter 9.  Providing Good Product Information
      Show Me the Money
      Win Customer Confidence
      Support Comparison Shopping
      Support Sales with Quality Content
        Chapter 10.  Presenting Page Elements
      Should You Design for Scrolling?
      Guiding Users, Step by Step
      Keep Like with Like
      Satisfy Your Users' Expectations
      Using White Space
        Chapter 11.  Balancing Technology with People's Needs
      Use Multimedia When It Benefits Your Audience
      Overcoming Barriers to Multimedia
      Stick to Familiar Interface Conventions
      Avoid Multimedia Excesses
      Make Videos for the Web
      The Practice of Simplicity
      Toward a More Elegant Design
        Chapter 12.  Final Thoughts: Design That Works
      Test Your Assumptions

Prioritizing Web Usability
Prioritizing Web Usability
ISBN: 0321350316
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 107

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