Software Updates

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When thinking about IDS software updates, keep in mind a few basic points:

  • IDS software updates provide the latest signature and intrusion detection improvements.

  • New IDS signatures are released as signature updates .

  • Improvements to intrusion detection and sensor functionality are released as service packs .

  • You can uninstall updates to restore the sensor to its previous configuration.

  • You must update the IDS MC to configure new signatures and IDS features.


You must update the IDS MC needs to configure new signatures, signature updates, and new IDS features.

It's also worth noting that, in the context of sensor updates (as opposed to signature updates), if you are upgrading from a Cisco IDS version 3.x to version 4, you have to go through the rather involved preparation process, described in detail in Chapter 6, "Sensor Appliance Installation," prior to performing the sensor upgrade.

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