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  1. Use the ssh authorized-key command to add a public key for the current user for a client allowed to use Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) authentication to log in to the local SSH server.

  2. The copy /erase backup-config current-config command first erases the destination file before copying the backup-config to the current-config.

  3. The sensor has two partitions. The recover command re-images the application partition with the image stored on the recovery partition. An example is Sensor(config)#recover application-partition .

  4. The recover application partition command is not supported on the IDSM2 switch module.

  5. Two methods for updating a sensor are using the sensor(config)# upgrade command or using IDS MC. The command supports four source locations: FTP, Secure Copy Protocol (SCP), HTTP, or HTTPS.

  6. You can use the sensor(config)# downgrade command to remove the latest update.

  7. You must upgrade IDS MC prior to upgrading the sensor with service packs or signature updates.

  8. The update filename IDS-K9-sp-4.0-2-S42.rpm.pkg has a service pack level of 2, an IDS major release 4.0, and signature level 42.

  9. For SSH, the sensor and blocking device must exchange keys manually using the ssh host-key command. Also, Data Encryption Standard (DES) or Triple DES (3DES) must be available.

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