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  1. Command and control interface Used to configure the sensor and control other managed devices. This is the only interface an IDS sensor can have an IP address on.

  2. The default command and control interface IP address is and is typically located on int1.

  3. A sensing interface is used to monitor the networks for malicious traffic and commonly used to send TCP resets in responses to attacks.

  4. The IDS-4250-XL has dedicated TCP reset interfaces because it cannot send TCP resets on the normal monitoring ports. The TCP reset interface is interface 0 on the IDS-4250-XL.

  5. IDSM2 module Module used in the Catalyst 4000 and 6000 series switches. The IDSM2 can have only two SPAN sessions but unlimited VACLs. However, a Policy Feature Card (PFC) is required to support VACLs.

  6. NM-CIDS module Supported only on the 2600, 3600, and 3700 model routers.

  7. When upgrading the 4220 and 4230, make sure you swap the monitoring and command and control interface cables before you upgrade.

  8. The 4210 and 4220 both have only 256MB of RAM and should be increased to 512MB before you upgrade to IDS 4.0 software.

  9. After you reboot your sensor from an upgrade or turn the sensor on for the very first time, you are required to change the administrator password.

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