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h command, debugger
h command, vi 2nd 3rd
hangup (HUP) signal 2nd
hard limits
hash command 2nd
hash mark (#)
     ## (pattern-matching operator)
     array element length operator
     environment variable 2nd
     length operator
     pattern matching operator
     pattern-matching operator
     prepend comment
     printf flag
hash tables 2nd
hashall shell option
head utility
header files, for built-in functions
     for bash
     for built-in functions
help command 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
here-documents 2nd
hidden files
histappend shell option
histchars environment variable
HISTCMD environment variable 2nd 3rd
HISTCONTROL environment variable 2nd 3rd
HISTFILE environment variable 2nd 3rd
HISTFILESIZE environment variable 2nd 3rd
HISTIGNORE environment variable 2nd 3rd
history command 2nd
history of commands 2nd
     appending to
     emacs editing mode
     expansion commands
     fc command 2nd
     multiple-line commands in
     size of
     time stamp for
     vi editing mode
HISTSIZE environment variable 2nd 3rd
HISTTIMEFORMAT environment variable 2nd 3rd
home directory 2nd 3rd
HOME environment variable 2nd 3rd
horizontal-scroll-mode variable, readline
HOSTFILE environment variable
hostname completion, emacs editing mode
HOSTNAME environment variable
HOSTTYPE environment variable
HUP (hangup) signal 2nd
hyphen (-)
     -- (decrement operator)
     append word, vi
     environment variable
     preceding options
     printf flag
     subtraction operator
     vi command 2nd

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Learning the bash Shell
Learning the bash Shell: Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
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