Taking a Look at the Filter Menu

This is the fun menu. Expect to spend many hours of practice time trying out the Filter menu, especially if you also add on some third-party filters. If you count the different kinds of Liquify, there are over 100 filters on the Elements menu. You could learn one a week for the next two years and not run out of things to do, but we'll cover as many as we can in Chapter 25.


The Hints palette can display examples of each of the filters applied to a typical image. If you forget what a particular filter does, take a look here. You can also shop here for the filter look you want.

In addition to the Elements filters, there are hundreds more. Some are shareware or freeware. Others can be bought from a computer store or online software vendor. After you have installed them, they also show up at the bottom of this menu.

Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Digital Media. All In One
Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Digital Media All In One
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