User considerations are of paramount importance for the proliferation and increased acceptance of m-commerce applications. Although multimedia applications have enhanced the user computing experience, contributing to the success of the World Wide Web, little work has been done exploring how multimedia can improve and contribute to the take-up of m-commerce. While this might partly stem from concerns rising from the narrow bandwidth available and the limited processing capabilities of m-commerce client devices, our chapter has shown that, if user perceptual considerations are taken into account, previously identified human tolerance levels certainly do not exclude incorporation of multimedia applications in m-commerce.

Exploiting these results, we have consequently proposed an architecture for multimedia-enhanced m-commerce, which integrates both user perceptual requirements with technical transmission considerations. Key to this architecture is the issue of mapping perceptual requirements to underlying resources. While obtaining such a map is a nontrivial task and must inevitably be based on extensive user tests, previous work has underlined the feasibility of such an undertaking, which will represent the main thrust of our future work.

In concluding , we remark that multimedia, even of relatively low technical quality, holds great promise for future m-commerce applications, for not only do limited resources not imply an automatic degradation of the user experience but might, if integrated taking into account perceptual considerations, in fact lead to its enhancement.

Mobile Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Applications
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